Earl and Will Hedden, Reminiscences of 1937 Flood. Includes 2 files.

Interview with Earl and Will Hedden. Earl and Will Hedden discuss their experiences during the flood in 1937. At the time, Will owned a store and had to move his stock to the highest shelves he had available to prevent water damage, as well as taking the account books back to his home. Will talks about how he and his friend Charles took photographs in New Albany and Jeffersonville, both during and after the flood. Earl discusses how on streets like Pearl Street it was possible to simply ride into a store on a skiff because of the level of flood water and broken shop windows. He also remembers how the Floyd County Bank was the only bank able to remain open during the flooding because they were on higher ground, and after the flood employees from other banks had to try to use a flat iron to repair or restore important documents from safes that had taken on water.

Bernard Weber, Reminiscences of 1937 Flood. Includes 2 files.

Interview with Bernard Weber on November 19, 1987. Weber discusses his life-long interest in the rivers around New Albany and how that influenced his interest in and actions during the flood in 1937, such as helping Daniel Thornton move the stock in his store to an upper level to prevent damage, or traversing flooded streets in his aluminum canoe to bring food to the prisoners in the jail. He also discusses how he looked after his rental properties during and after the flood, as well as how the need for cleaning and rebuilding brought about a sort of post-flood prosperity for the community.